"Your Imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions."

-Albert Einstein-

What Makes Opulent Travels Different?

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Opulent Travel doesn't have or do cookie-cutter trips. Your trip will be created just for you and customized just for you.

The local contacts that I have help me connect your perfect vacation with your interests for that area. You can have as much or as little structure as you wish. 

Over all...it's 100% about you and what you want to experience.


As your luxury travel advisor, Opulent Travel can set it up so that you bypass the lines at popular attractions, have VIP reservations at hotels and restaurants, private museum gallery openings, plus many more awesome ways to beat the crowds.

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Opulent Luxury Travels specializes in knowledge that allows for as flexible or structured trip as you desire.

Opulent Travels can be available for the whole trip or just part of your adventure.


In the end, you will consider Opulent Travels, your new friend, a highlight of your trip.

I make sure your requests are heard and actualized. 


Hello there!! My name is Tara, and I am an Independent Luxury Travel Advisor of Opulent Travels, Stucker LLC.

I grew up in Washington state and I hold a Registered Nursing license in several states with an extensive amount of experience in adult ICU and NICU! I spent the majority of my life focusing on education, advancement in my nursing career. But...when I started working for a company where I could teach nurses thermoregulation principles for neonates around the USA, I started TRAVELING! Each week I was sent somewhere new, to Georgia, to California, to Florida, to Nebraska, to Hawaii! All the places I never got to see...all of a sudden I was being sent there for this job! 


Growing up, I rarely traveled outside of my home state, and it wasn’t until 2018 that I really got to let out my inner travel enthusiast when I started traveling for work full time.

Now keep in mind, I had spent most of my life focusing on work and my accomplishments...but when I would travel, my passion started opening up! 

After gaining a lot of planning experience and living out of a suitcase for over 3 years, it only made sense that I found myself interested in Luxury Travel! 

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My passion is being a part of both the big picture and the narrowed down details for clients’ trip. When I figured out my passion for travel, it was a no-brainer to start providing Luxury Travel experience for my clients!

I love creating wonderful experiences for someone who has been dreaming of visiting a particular destination or someone who is traveling somewhere new to celebrate many of life’s wonderful moments.

I have always been considered myself a major softie and my sentimental nature shows through the most when I feel like I have helped in some way to make someone’s dreams become a reality!

It is incredible to me how much of an impact seeing new sites and making new memories can have on a person’s life, and I feel very fortunate to be able to witness this impact everyday with my Independent Luxury travel company, Opulent Travel, Stucker LLC.

The heart of our clients is the same heart that we strive to have everyday – one of compassion and excitement. At Luxury Travels, we believe in celebrating both the little things and the big things in life, and we hope you’ll allow us to be a part of your next celebration!

Adventures of a lifetime? Why not!


Alright, so you want to travel...you want it to be easy...you want the highest value of services, but you’re overwhelmed, overworked, and have no idea where to start:


  • BUT you hate the idea of packaged tours

  • BUT the idea of standing in lines makes you shudder

  • BUT you don’t have time to research and organize the trip yourself

  • BUT you’re not sure what to believe online

  • BUT you don’t want to feel like a tourist

Does any of this sound familiar?


Should You Plan Your Trip With Us?

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The truth is, Opulent Travels may not be right for everyone...
But if these are important to you, then Opulent Travels is the right choice.

  • Personalized Service: We will work WITH you to create your trip. We specialize in YOU!

  • Flexible & Customizable: Our clients are never herded around like cattle. Your trip will be a special experience.

  • Travel Expertise: Over 10% of our working hours are dedicated to product training, we attend six global travel conferences per year in places like Marrakesh, Cape Town, Cannes and Las Vegas, and we have been called travel addicts ourselves.

  • Local Knowledge: We have the personal contact details for over 1280 of the world’s best local travel suppliers, which means your trip will be planned with the most up-to-date, localized knowledge.

We are the experts!