I believe that travel connects your soul to pleasure and to your existence. When we are observing and experiencing true life, we no longer need to drown in anything that would cause us to forget where we are or why we exist. Travel is the connection to true pleasure…I help passionate people find their flavor and style to irresistible personal travel.

Tara S. of Opulent Travels


Let me tell you a quick story…

There I was...knee deep in 11+ years experience as a Critical Care Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse at a hospital, eyes burning from lack of sleep, caffeinated to the max, and passion as non-existent because most of the time nothing I did was 'ever enough' according to a frantic parent or patient.

Finding my passion? Finding my joy? It all seemed overwhelmingly impossible! 

I spent the majority of my life focusing on education, advancement in my nursing career, etc. But...when I started working for a company where I could teach nurses thermoregulation principles for neonates around the USA, I started TRAVELING! Each week I was sent somewhere new like Georgia, California, Florida, Nebraska, Alaska, Hawaii! All the places I never got to see...all of a sudden I was being sent there for this job! 

Growing up, I rarely traveled outside of my home state, and it wasn’t until 2018 that I really got to let out my inner travel enthusiast when I started traveling for work full time.

Now keep in mind, I had spent most of my life focusing on work and my accomplishments...but when I would travel, my passion started opening up! 

After gaining a lot of planning experience and living out of a suitcase for over 3 years, it only made sense that I found myself interested in Luxury Travel! 

My passion...
is being a part of both the big picture and the narrowed down details for clients’ trip. When I figured out my passion for travel, it was a no-brainer to start providing Luxury Travel experiences for people that really needed to get away from WORK!

I love creating wonderful experiences for someone who has been dreaming of visiting a particular destination or someone who is traveling somewhere new to celebrate the many wonderful moments of life.

I have always considered myself a major softie when it comes to enjoying other people's excitement and my sentimental nature shows through the most when I feel like I have helped in some way to make someone’s dreams become a reality!

It is incredible to me how much of an impact seeing new sites and making new memories can have on a person’s life, and I feel very fortunate to be able to witness this impact everyday with my Independent Luxury travel company, Opulent Travel, Stucker LLC.


Buildings Reflecting on Water

Passion wherever you go...

When I bring up passion, I know first hand how un-passionate WORK can be. When I started Country Swing dancing with my, now husband, and we took our country swing dancing to places like Hawaii, Mexico, Hondurus, and other place, we realized how much fun could be had in just every place we went! 

This part of me that wants to explore the world and everything that is offered, is also part of many other people and cultures. So what if the experiences you brought around the world on your travels, positively affected those you met? And what if their culture and experience positive affected you?


From stressful ICU/NICU RN to living life...

In 2018, I ditched the 7am-to-7pm critical care life to pursue my purpose/passion and work in a way that felt energizing and aligned with my soul purpose! 


I’ve always been much too independent and passionate to be contained by hospital walls.


Besides, I never wanted anyone putting a cap or 'mask' on my potential.

Even before traveling became a staple of my career, I absolutely loved planning travel! In planning travel I was able to express my creativity through various outlets of organization, and color. I also grew up being an organizational nerd, loving color-coding, lists, and spreadsheets much more than the average person.


Add all of this together and you’ve got a girl who loves coming to work everyday to dream up itineraries, coordinate trip logistics, create master itineraries, interact with clients and suppliers, and more...

Doctor Taking Notes
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The heart of it...

The heart of the client is the same heart that I strive to have everyday – one of passion and excitement! At Opulent Travel, I believe in celebrating all adventures in life, the big and the small, and I hope you’ll allow me to be a part of your next flavorful adventure!

If you feel like bland steamed broccoli and white rice without any need some spice in your life!

In other words, if there’s no're probably not traveling!

LOL...Hey, somebody had to say it…

The one thing nobody else has is your you-nique-ness and your unique story. That’s why your travels and your adventures are what is most important to me!

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It’s time to put your finger on the pulse of passion and un-bland your next trip.

You work hard and you deserve the most out of your vacation time. You shouldn’t have to deal with the stress of trying to plan your next perfect vacation for yourself and your family. Your vacation should be all about you, your family, and the amazing experiences you want to have!

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